About the photographer:


My name is Jason Paterson. I'm lucky enough to live in one of the most amazing parts of Australia, the Northern Rivers of NSW. Our area is a photographers paradise with world renowned beaches on our doorstep to the lush World Heritage Rainforests that cloak the nearby mountains.


Photography has always been something that has intrigued and interested me. Even from an early age I enjoyed using the old "click and wind" simple film cameras and would photograph various subjects. In 2007 I've moved into DSLR photography starting out with a Canon 400D and progressing to my current camera the Canon 7D which has allowed me so much more flexibility for capturing different subjects,


Starting storm chasing in 2007 I have since taken thousands of storm photos and countless hours of video. I've always had an interest in storms, even from a young age, and have been fortunate enough to witness some incredible storms both here in Australia and in the USA's Tornado Alley.


But my photography isn't just limited to storms. I also thoroughly enjoy Landscape photography, which can encompass any variety of subjects.  Be it waterfalls, seascapes, the rainforest or the wide open expanses of our beautiful country. Astrophotography is another challenge I enjoy undertaking and  I am always striving to capture the night sky at it's most beautiful.


I hope you enjoy looking through my collections. Feel free to leave comments or recommend to friends and family. In the near future I'll be looking at setting up an option for purchasing any images you like on this site. In the meantime if something catches your interest please email me at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we can discuss your needs further.