For what seemed the umpteenth time SPC was onboard for another slight risk in our target area. The forecast called for precip breaking out around 3pm again so we headed of from our overnight stay for the 3hr trek to our target. There was a cloud deck that accompanied for most of the trip but once we broke into New Mexico it began to clear and we could see cells going up to our west. We headed for the strongest looking cell on radar to have a look. Internet coverage was terrible so we were reliant on visual observations. Cells looked high based so we decided to leave the area and look at stuff developing further to our south. All the cells we had been watching had merged into one large rain mass and the radar we had been relying still hadn't updated! We had been struggling with this issue for the last 45mins so by chance I thought to try another radar. Bugger!!! Another radar was working and cells 45mins to our south had a tornado warning on it! I was absolutely furious with myself that I hadn't thought to check another radar sooner. We raced south however it was too far a target to catch so we had to settle for some sunset colours, which was a small consolation. As turns out the strongest cell produced a tornado which compounded my disgust. We stayed the night in Clovis, NM which as it turns out had very limited accomodation due to a film being shot in the area. We finally found one after hunting around for 45mins. Tomorrow looks like a marginal setup in NE New Mexico so a bit of sight seeing might be in order.

Magnificent sunset with the remnants of a rainbow. Further south storms had managed to produce a tornado