Our target today was South Central South Dakota. I was looking forward to getting to this state as we didn't get a chance to see it last trip. There was some very good potential today both in our target area and SW Nebraska with LP type cells being the main type of cell we would see.We decided we would position ourselves right on the intersection of the boundaries running SW and SE. Towers began to go up right on the boundary and it was only a matter of time before something would dominate. We were waiting for the SE flow to dominate the area however this didn't eventuate. Meanwhile cells in the other target area in NE had fired, which was frustrating. We continued to wait but anything that tried to go up was struggling for moisture. We noticed some healthier development further south so we headed for that. The sky was cluttered and any cell that went up was competing for the instability and moisture with numerous other cells in the vicinity. Therefore every tower that went up was short lived so we decided to postion ourselves for the approach of the cluster that was still ongoing from Nebraska. Another large MCS was underway so we thought we try for some lightning heading ahead of the approaching line but as per usual CGs were sparse so we waited for the line to pass over us then went into the core to see if we could get some hail. It was just heavy rain so we returned to the motel in Valentine, NE that we had booked a room at earlier. A day that had promised so much delivered very little. We assumed that the early activity in Nebraska had a negative effect on development in South Dakota which was a shame given the potential. Preliminary target SE Wyoming.