SPC forecasts called for an enhanced risk throughout the SE corner of Wyoming. The HRRR model had precip breaking out across the region mid afternoon so with this in mind we headed to our target area. We initially headed to the bizarrely named village of Chugwater. Cells initially fired off the mountains and the hope was that they would drop down and give us a show. The sky had a clustered look however one cell started to dominate so we targetted that. The cell was in the Wheatland area so we tried to find a decent vantage point which would prove more difficult than we thought. Also data coverage was limited so we were reliant on visual observations only. We found a spot and watched for a while. We were soon joined by 2 vans full of chasers with a chase tour and also another chaser. We watched the cell go over us with powerful updrafts boiling up into the sky. A few brief small funnels descended but were relatively short lived. Another cell took our interest which had a more significant lowering. So we shot back south to observe, we found a spot that offered data and we were able to get a new radar update. It showed the cell had strengthened and was moving generally NE. We were again joined by the chaser hordes however this time 2 familiar faces showed up, Jane and Clyve. We quickly discussed the cell before we made a decision to move back north where we could see it better. Unfortunately it began to weaken but it was still photogenic nonetheless. We were beginning to lose light so we decided to make a move for our accomodation for the evening. Lightning was constantly flickering so we thought that we should try and capture it. We found a great spot to overlooking a lake ( Glendo Reservoir) and began snapping away. As has happened on numerous occasions this trip the lack of CGs was amazing, we quickly got bored of glowing clouds and called it a night around 9pm. We got back to the motel and found out that Jane and Clyve had caught a tornado over the reservoir minutes after we left. It would have been difficult to see so we weren't that disappointed. We booked into the motel and prepared ourselves for our last chase day with hopes of seeing something nice, what would follow would leave us speechless!