So the trip has finally come to an end, but not before some final excitement to send us on our way. We had to do some final shopping so after having an early lunch at Hooters in Aurora, CO we made our way to the local Mall. We hopped out of the car to hear tornado sirens ringing out, but assumed it was a test sounding. A quick look at the sky didn't reveal anything threatening so we went into the shopping centre. After a quick look around we soon being herded towards a tornado shelter by a security guard! Well we soon worked out that those sirens were for real, but we had a flight to catch so we avoided the shelter ( not smart I know) and got on our way. After a quick look around we couldn't see anything that was immediately threatening so we got in the car and headed to the airport. All went smoothly from then on and the final, and possibly the worst part, of the trip lay before us.

And so ends an amazing trip to Tornado Alley! Storms on everyday we chased, forecasted and hunted down. We counted 11 tornadoes and several supercells. The tornadoes we saw in Canadian, TX and Simla, CO were the highlights of the trip! We also got to do some sightseeing which was an awesome experience in itself. My travel buddies Michael Bath and Rodney Wallbridge were fantastic companions to have on such a trip and I'm glad I was able to share in the wonderful experiences of the past few weeks with them. This will be my last trip to Tornado Alley for a long time, family is my main priority now. Maybe in 10 yrs I'll revisit and get to experience the fury of mother nature on the Great Plains of the USA!